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  1. How do I use Rennug Free Classifieds (formerly Classifieds)?

  2. Why can't I log into the classifieds?

  3. I've forgotten my password, or I want to change it.

  4. I never got the email to verify and activate my account!

  5. I can't post an ad, it says I have the maximum number of ads already?!?!

  6. Why am I not receiving replies to my ad?

  7. Why did the the seller not respond to my email?

  8. You sure do ask for a lot of signup information!

  9. How do I make emails go direct to my address?

  10. Why was my ad removed?

  11. How do I change my email address?

  12. Why can't I post an email address in my ad?

  13. What does it mean when I get this error: 'webmaster block on account'?

  14. How do I log out of the classifieds?

  15. How do I know my message was sent to the seller?

  16. How do you include a picture with your ad?

  17. Malformed multipart POST

  18. My picture won't upload, what might be wrong?

  19. This ad sounds too good to be true! (What about scams?)

  20. I tried to post an ad, and got error D133?!?

  21. How do I know if I have email waiting for me?

  22. What happens when I flag an ad for a guideline violation?

  23. Can I sell / buy an exotic animal (degus, monk parrakeets, hedgehogs, sugar gliders, etc)?

  24. I want to talk to your lawyer!

  25. How can I repost an ad without re-entering it from scratch?

  26. My zipcode isn't found correctly when placing an ad, what should I do?

  27. Would you add a category listing for XYZ?

  28. How do I delete or edit my ad?

  29. What about viruses? Is it safe to use Rennug Classifieds?

  30. Can you tell me more about the paid features?

  31. What is a Screen Name?

  32. Where do I get a banner for advertising my business?

  33. What if I have a dispute with the person I'm dealing with?

  34. My question wasn't answered here, what do I do?




How do I use Rennug Free Classifieds (formerly Classifieds)?

  1. First register here:
  2. Click on the link that is emailed to you.
  3. Log in to the classifieds with your full email address and password.
  4. Cookies must be enabled, that is the default for all modern browsers.
  5. Have fun buying and selling!

If you intend to post ads soon, you might want to check out the Guidelines and how to include a picture with your ad.


Why can't I log into the classifieds?

  1. You need to have registered.
  2. You need to activate your account.
  3. You need to use the full email address in order to log into the classifieds.
  4. If it looks like you logged in successfully, but the website then shows you as not logged in or pushes you back to the login screen, you might need to clear your temporary internet files.
  5. Cookies need to be enabled in your browser. Unless you changed this, they probably already are.
  6. If you are still having troubles, try this alternative log in link.


Why am I not receiving replies to my ad? or How do I know if I have email waiting for me?

Check your spam folder!

Replies to your ad go to the email address you signed in with.

Replies are also cached on the classifieds, the link for this can be found on any of your ad listings, either via the 'My Ads' link in the upper left, by searching your ad, or in the category listings. You MUST be signed in to see this, and only YOU can see the number of replies, and the content of the replies.


Why did the the seller not respond to my email?

  1. When you reply to an ad, the email is sent from the address you are logged in with. For many people this is going to be an account. You'll need to check that address to find replies.
  2. Another common problem is that very short messages with misspelled words tend to get caught more quickly in spam folders. Using complete sentences with proper grammar and spelling to the best of your ability is the best way to avoid aggressive spam filters. Sellers who check their responses on Rennug classifieds can see what was sent to them as it was sent before being filtered by hotmail, yahoo, etc.


How do I make emails go direct to my address?

  1. New sign ups for Rennug Classifieds after Dec 10, 2008 will have mail routed to whatever email address they signed up with.
  2. Existing accounts have two options. First you can route your mail from where ever you like. Log into the onewoods webmail, go to settings -> Forwarding and POP/IMAP. Select "Forward a copy of incoming mail" and set the email address you want to forwarded to. Remember to click on "Save Changes".


Why was my ad removed?

As of this writing, ads are left in place for 14 days, or until the owner deletes it. If ads are removed earlier, it was because they were reported as contrary to one or more of the guidelines. If there are enough reports on a particular ad, the website will remove it automatically in real time.

No one report removes an ad.

If the same person has three or more ads removed in a nine day period, the system will lock them out of placing ads until the last nine days has less than three deleted ads. If you see your ads start to disappear, you should take notice, and make certain you are following the guidelines. Paid ads are exempt from removal via reporting.

I realize that this community driven monitoring may seem arbitrary, and to those who have ads removed, unfair. However as of November 2010 we have around 1500 ads placed each day. If it were not for the automated controls, the labor costs of operating the classifieds would prevent us from offering it as a free service.

For more information, read our advertising tips.

We are unable to provide any information on deleted ads.


I never got the email to verify and activate my account!

  1. Check your spam folder. This is the single most common problem with missing verification emails.
  2. The following domains are known to filter the verification emails:,,, and Additionally it is possible that other domains will filter these out. You may need to create an allowance for in your white list, address book, or ask your provider not to filter those emails. Alternatively use a domain that does not filter out the verification emails.
  3. If you've checked the spam folder, and made allowances for to send mail to you, then you can resend yourself the registration email.


How do I log out of the classifieds?

Click the 'Sign Out' link in the upper right of the classifieds.
Alternatively, select the logout option on the
Rennug home page.


How do I know my message was sent to the seller?

When responding to an ad, there is a checkbox to send a copy to yourself.


This ad sounds too good to be true! (What about scams?)

All users of the Rennug Classifieds need to be wary of potential scams. Our free classified ads system is open to everyone, and there is the possibility of scammers lurking about, looking for potential victims. We make every effort to prevent scam artists from using our site. However use of the classifieds is at your own risk.

One of the most common scams to watch out for, involves exotic pets from overseas. The best piece of advice we can give, is for users to avoid any transactions, or at least be extremely skeptical, when dealing with people claiming to be in a foreign country. Keep in mind that Rennug Free Classifieds ads are open to the public, you have to question the motives of anyone posting to our classifiieds that do not reside in our country. Be especially wary of *ANY* ad trying to sell Yorkie dogs, exotic birds (especially "Macaws"), and monkeys of any kind. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Another type of scam to watch out for is the "Counterfeit Cashier's Check Scam. This scam usually involves a buyer sending a seller a cashier's check for more than the amount of the item being sold, with the buyer stating various reasons why it needs to be done this way, then they also request a personal check back for the difference (or they request it be wired back). The cashier's check they send will turn out to be bogus, with the seller finding this out too late, by which time the seller then has to pay back the money to the bank, in addition to also losing the money returned to the scammer. Overseas money orders and checks sometimes take months to truly clear.

Please check out the following links for more details on the scam and variations of it:,1607,7-192-29943_31467-176356--,00.html


I can't post an ad, it says I have the maximum number of ads already?!?!

Free ads are limited to 1 per category, 16 total. Certain categories allow a larger number of free ads.

If this has affected you, you may delete an older ad, or wait for one to expire, before posting a new ad.

There are no limits at all on ads that are paid.


What happens when I flag an ad for a guideline violation?

When an ad is flagged for a possible violation of the guidelines, it is marked for review. If enough people flag it, it will be removed from the site in real time, and reviewed only after removal.

Please log in to flag ads for abuse.


How can I repost an ad without re-entering it from scratch?

On the expired ads portion of 'My Ads' there is a link to repost any ad that is eligible for it.
Expired ads are immediately repost-able. Ads that you removed yourself are repost-able a little bit before they would have expired. Ads that were removed for any other reason cannot be reposted.


Can I sell / buy an exotic animal (degus, monk parrakeets, hedgehogs, sugar gliders, etc)?

We really don't know. Can you? We cover quite a few states now, and there is a virtual horde of government agencies with laws and regulations to comply with. Monk parrakeets are outlawed in Pennsylvania, and the PA Game Commission will euthanize them if you are caught with them. At least this is what we read online. In Ohio it is perfectly legal to own them, provided that the wings are clipped. In Virginia they must be permanently banded, but it doesn't matter if the wings are clipped.

We are not responsible for the ads posted to Rennug Classifieds. YOU are responsible for knowing the law.

If a law enforcement agent provides us with a subpeona, we are compelled by law to respond to it. Every day we see something in the neighborhood of a million ads being viewed, some of them from .gov, .mil, and other domains. Please know the law and comply with it.


I want to talk to your lawyer!

We take customer privacy very seriously. If you want old ads or data from the website, have a subpoeana, court order, law enforcement investigating an open case, or want to start a lawsuit over something, the fastest approach is to email a copy of the court order to

If all you need is slightly older ad data (generally no older than 3 months) you can try the search bar at the BOTTOM of the Rennug Classifieds. It searches google's cache of data, and may provide you what you want without a court order. Ad availability depends on how long google maintains a cache.


I've forgotten my password, or I want to change it.

Change your password.


My zipcode isn't found correctly when placing an ad, what should I do?

Our zipcode list contains most places in the USA, but the post office's list is in constant flux, and we might have missed one. First check here:!input.action?mode=2&refresh=true. If what we have is consistent with what the post office says, we're going to side with the USPS. Otherwise send an email to and include the 5 digit zip code, the name of the city and the state abbreviation, and we'll look into it.


How do I delete or edit my ad?

When signed in, there is a 'My Ads' link in the upper left. On this page you'll find links to edit and delete any of your current ads.


Would you add a category listing for XYZ?

There are two reasons we consider adding new categories. The first is when there are ads posted that don't fit into existing categories.

The second is when there are too many ads in a category for easy browsing.

If you have an idea for a new category,
let me know.

If you are having problems locating ads, you might try the search feature.

We are not going to add a 'Free' category. Use the search and choose 'For Free' ad types.

We are not going to add a 'Wanted XYZ'. Use the search and choose 'Wanted to Buy' ad types.


How do you include a picture with your ad?

There are two ways to post a picture in an ad.

The simplest is using the "Upload a Picture" field. Simply click on the "browse" button beside the field, and find the folder with your images. Select the image you want to upload, and when you submit the ad, the image will be uploaded to our server, and posted with your ad.

There is also an option to have the picture hosted somewhere on the internet. If you don't know what this is, odds are you want to skip this and ignore it.
Google's Picasa, Imageshack, Photobucket, etc provide such services if you don't already have one. In the field marked "Picture URL" simply include the location of the picture on the web. (As of July 2011 it appears that Flickr does not work for direct linking.)

Please also see My picture won't upload, what might be wrong?.


Malformed multipart POST

If you get this error while posting an ad from a cell phone, you are most likely ad using an android based phone. Probably something made by motorola and possibly though not necessarily with Verizon as a carrier. It results in a "malformed multipart form error" or something similar to that.

If this is the case, it has something to do with permissions to access the image. It _probably_ has something to do with the size of the image as well, because some people have told me they can get around the error if they use a smaller picture.

The only work around I have right now is to omit the picture, which seems to work in 100% of the cases. If you have a way to make the camera take smaller images, or to reduce the size of the image, that might work.

You might want to send me the manufacturer and modem of your phone, as well as the carrier. As best as I can determine this has something to do with the phone not sending the correct bounary markers with the image.


My picture won't upload, what might be wrong?

Our classifieds has been successfully tested with images as large as 13 megs. However a larger image on a lower end internet connection might still cause ad submission to fail.

If you didn't see a message, and the browser just sat there and then stopped trying, then the most likely scenario is that you included an image that timed out before it was uploaded.

I've seen this issue with default camera and phone pictures not uploading because the browser and webserver time out before the image can be uploaded. The solution for this is to reduce the size of the image before uploading.

1. Try creating the ad without the picture, the adding the picture as an edit. This should at least isolate the problem to the picture and rule out other issues. It might even solve the problem.

Edits can take up to 15 minutes to affect the website.

2. Reduce the size of the image by using Paint, Gimp, Photoshop or another photo editor.

Reducing the image settings on the camera will accomplish the same goal. For some reason modern phones seem to take the largest possible image by default. They'll automatically compress the image if you send it via text, but not if you upload it to a website.

3. Try from a location with a faster internet connection. For instance if the picture is roughly 1 or 2 mb, you'll probably need at least a 1 mb interconnection. Rember that the speed listed is from the internet to you. From you to the internet is slower, often considerably slower.

Upon uploading all images larger than 800x600 are reduced to 800x600, and compressed to consume less disk space. The name of the picture should end in jpg, jpeg, gif, or png.

Certain older Apple products won't upload pictures due to restrictions Apple places on the iOS. Newer Apple products don't have this limitation built in from Apple, but may suffer from the "(70007)The timeout specified has expired" error, sometimes manifesting as a 500 server error. This seems to impact iPads and iPhones with iOS 8 and/or certain Safari versions. Some fixes have been proposed on Apple's
Discussion Forums. As of late March, 2015 and iOS 8.12 it seems this is still happening.

Some motorola phones also had issues. However I haven't heard of this recently, so I suspect motorola either fixed the issue, or these models are no longer commonly used.


What does it mean when I get this error: 'webmaster block on account'?

Typically it means that we need you to contact us for one reason or another.
Usually it is something simple that can be cleared up quickly. Just email If you need access to your email account, you can reach it here:


You sure do ask for a lot of signup information!

Yes, yes I do. And the question usually is "Who do I share it with?"
I do NOT share the information with _anyone_ .... except...
I am obligated to respond to subpoenas from recognized courts (local magistrates, state courts, and federal courts).

I may also be obligated to respond to a request for information from law enforcement.

I am also required by the banking agencies I deal with to abide by the industry standards of
KYC (Know Your Customer). Essentially if someone gets an account and then uses that account to conduct some sort of credit card or banking fraud, I need to demonstrate due diligence in knowing who I am dealing with.

I apologize for any inconvenience, and I hope this explanation smooths any concerns you might have. I do NOT sell customer lists, make your contact information available to third parties, or anything along those lines. My friends and family use this site, and when making decisions regarding how to handle customer data, I think what my wife, mother, and nephew might think if some company they dealt with performed the action I am considering.

In general I find that the end result works for both myself, and the people who have entrusted their information to me.


Why can't I post an email address in my ad?

We try to have as wide open a market place as possible, while providing the best protections we can for visitors to our site. As much as possible we prefer that you be able to post however you like. Lately we've drawn significant attention from scam artists who can bypass all security and simply skim email addresses from the site.

While generally most people don't fall for this, it is easy to get caught up and want to believe. Ultimately a lot of people email about the scammers, tie up cateogry space posting warnings a problem that we can solve, and sometimes even accuse me of selling the email address they posted into an ad. (I never share email addresses!)

If you need to update your email address, you may do that
here. If you are posting for someone else, or want email send to a different address for only one particular ad, you can list an alternate email address when placing the ad. Email will be sent there instead. Also check out this FAQ.

We apologize for the inconvenience, and thank you for your assistance in our attempts to thwart scam artists.

If you do manage to work an email address into an ad, it will likely result in the ad being removed without explanation or warning.


I want to find an old ad.

We take customer privacy very seriously. If you want old ads or data from the website, I can probbaly provide it, but it will require a subpoeana, court order, bench warrant, or similar court authored paperwork to get legal to release the data.
If all you need is slightly older ad data (generally no older than 3 months) you can try the search bar at the BOTTOM of the Rennug Classifieds. It searches google's cache of data, and may provide you what you want without a court order. Ad availability depends on how long google maintains a cache.

As of Sept 24, 2013, google still proves cache data for an amazing array of pages through the following format:
If you find a link on google, but the link is inactive, you might still fish it from google's cache by replacing the page link where the above line has


Can you tell me more about the paid features?

If you CHOOSE to pay for an upgraded ad, we have several options. We receive a small fee to help us cover new development and operating the servers, and you get an edge up on promoting what you are selling. Bear in mind that you pay for posting the ad, and the duration for which the ad is run is not guarunteed.

Currently we have:
Highlighted listings for $1.00.
Bold text listings for $0.75
Featured Ads, which stay at the top of their category, cost is $10.

Advantages of Paid Ads

  1. Greater visibility.
  2. Paid ads are regulated only by paid employees (generally Chris), not by community feedback.
  3. There are no limits to the number of paid ads.

How to pay for an ad

After placing a paid ad, you will be prompted to go through PayPal checkout.

Click whichever option suits you, log into their site, select your preferred paypment option, confirm with them, and then you'll be presented with a link back to our site. Click that, and it will notify us of the payment, and publishing of your ad is instantaneous.

If you don't click back to our site, PayPal will eventually signal to activate your ad. I've seen PayPal take up to three days to tell us about the payment. Usually it is more like 5 minutes.

Once we are notified, activation of the ad is instantaneous, but it may take 5 to 15 minutes for the ad to propagate to all of our webservers. Currently (June, 2015) the Classifieds is run off of a collection of 14+ computers. The run time of your ad (14 days for all ads, paid or free) starts when your ad is actually visible to the world.


What about viruses? Is it safe to use Classifieds?

The best way to defend against viruses and malware is to keep your computer up to date, including a good anti-virus, a good anti-malware, and a good firewall.

In order to help you keep your machine clean, and to make for the safest possible web surfing experience, also keeps its servers up to date. We filter incoming content to remove potentially harmful material. runs an excluded by default html filter to prevent malicious code from being loaded onto our site. As a final measure we have daily scans of our website by a third party to detect viruses and other malicious content should we ever drop the ball.


What is a Screen Name?

In July of 2010 we visited Brookville and Bradford in order to answer questions, describe our work on the classifieds, and perhaps most importantly to gather feedback on what we are doing right and what people would like to see us do in the future. In both meetings one of the things that came up was the difficulty in knowing something about the person on the other end of the classified ad. Are they trust worthy?

This is a difficult question to answer, but the importance of providing some sort of face to the advertisers who have been with us long enough to become known was impressed upon us. The first step towards that, and the first update to the site that is a direct result of those meetings, is the ability to have a screen name on the classifieds. This is analagous to the screen name you see on ebay and most other trading / selling / buying websites. You are not obligated to set a screen name. However if you do, we will display the screen name on all of your ads, along with a "Member since..." tag, to let people know how long you've been around. It will allow you as an advertiser to distinguish yourself from the fly by night operations.

Update November 3, 2011 because of a need to defend against ever increasing overseas scammers, and to simplify adding things like re-posting of ads, there is an increased need for a public 'handle' or screen name for all accounts. Accounts without an explicit screen name set now have a default screen name.

Email addresses are not permitted to be used as a screen name. This is to prevent your email address from being picked up by every spammer that scans our website. Should a screen name be found that is an email address, it will be changed to whatever happens to suit me.

A good screen name might be something like "Pat's Horses", "OK Corral Farm", "Johnstown Body Shop", etc. It should let people know who you are, and possibly easily find your website, if you have one, with a quick google search.

For your own saftey, I would discourage using your full name or last name, for the same reason that I wouldn't want to see every kook on the internet be able to look up your life's history just because you ran an ad on our site.

Screen names are immutable. Once set they cannot be unset or changed. You may set a screen name here:
Set Screen Name.


How do I change my email address?

Change your email address.Your existing email address will no longer work as a login, and you'll need to log in with the new email address, and the same password you used before. You will receive an email in order to verify ownership of the new email address.

Existing ads typically will not be updated, but contact me and I'll update them to the new account.


I tried to post an ad, and got error D133?!?

If you see this error, your ad was not accepted for placement. New accounts are not immediately able to place paid ads. For one thing, scammers love to use stolen or bogus accounts to place "paid" ads so that they look more legitimate. For another reason, new users occasionally get confused and select a pay feature when trying to place a free ad.

In time if the website sees a long period of legitimate usage, it will accept your paid ads. If you contact me, and I am able to verify the legitimacy of your account with the contact information you provided, I'll manually move your account into the accepted category. If your email has an ip stamp from China....

If I am not immediately able to approve your account, it may be a few days before you receive a response. If I have insufficient information to approve your account, but the account looks legitimate, then no reply will be sent, and your account may eventually approve on its own.


Where do I get a banner for advertising my business?

If you've got no budget and just need a banner, there are lots of web sites that can assist. You can simply google for "free banner creator". Two I've seen used successfully are: and

I've NOT used them before myself, but I've seen banners from these sites run on PW Classifieds, and they should work well enough. There have been others as well, but those two I happen to remember. Both of these sites have options to set the correct height (100) and width (600). (600 W x 100 H)


What if I have a dispute with the person I'm dealing with?

A first good step is to speak to your local district magistrate. I've seen a wide range of responses from magistrates, some are very helpful, some don't seem to care. Remember that this is a local, elected official, and they should be motivated to offer what guidance and assistance they can. If they give you the cold shoulder, make certain to pay attention during the next election.

A magistrate can write a letter on your behalf. Given that they represent the entry levels of the court system, this might be enough to shake the other party up and make things right. It is possible that the intentions were good, and they're just procrastinating. A magisterial letter might make them decide to square up with you.

A magistrate can also guide you through starting a small claims suit.

If the other fellow lives outside of your district the magistrate may try to get you to file suit in the other district. The advantages of filing in the other persons district is that the other magistrate will have more control, be more familiar with local authorities, and be better able to issue court paperwork that can be more easily enforced.

One disadvantage of dealing with the other magistrate is that the other magistrate is further away when you need to file documents, meaning you either deal via UPS or FedEx, or drive. Another disadvantage is the other magistrate isn't your elected official, he is the elected official of the other person! I'm not saying they would always side with the other fellow, but the other magistrate's life is simpler if his constituent isn't a trouble maker. Your magistrate's life is simpler if you file suit elsewhere.

Depending on the dollar value involved, you may have a case for a county court, which could simplify the jurisdiction issues.

Also be aware that PA has a lawyer referral service.

This provides 30 minutes of conversation with a lawyer, one that should be reasonably familiar with your sort of case, for $30. $30 is pretty inexpensive to talk this out with a lawyer. $15 goes to the lawyer, $15 goes to the referral service. Other states will typically have similar services in place.

This referral service doesn't guarantee anything outside of a 30 minute conversation. The lawyer should explain options, give general guidance, and if it seems appropriate they may offer to actually act on your behalf, for additional fees. If this is considered, you should leave that 30 minute conversation with a good idea what the lawyer could do for you, what the likely chances of success would be, and what the costs to you would be. There is no obligation to proceed beyond the 30 minutes.

What I can do is provide the lawyers with access (pending appropriate court issued documentation) to archived ads, volunteered contact information provided at signup, and initial contacts through the site.

Police involvement is also an option, though often times they will decline to investigate issues involving less than $200.
































My question wasn't answered here, what do I do?

Contact us.






































Event management system tips

  • Before an event has ended you can edit it. Once the event has ended it can not be edited. Events can be talked about forever.
  • An event must have a title, location, a zip/postal code, a begin, and an end. Everything else is optional.

  • Q. Where did my event go!?
  • A. Events are available forever by their direct URL, for example: is the first event posted to the new system. However, when the events end date is past it will not appear in any of the current views showing current events. Your event with any associated talk will be viewable at its same url forever with a little notice at the top stating that the event has already ended and is kept for historical purposes.

  • Q. I want to delete or hide my event or something; how do I do it?
  • A. Edit your event and uncheck the "Publish" checkbox. When you are ready to make it publicly viewable again just edit the event and re-check the "Publish" checkbox.

  • Q. How long will it take for my event to show up in the search results!
  • A. It will get faster as the brand new event system is online longer. Currently there are several hours of delay.

  • Q. Why would I want people to talk about my event and how can I make them stop?
  • A. The reason to announce an event is to make people aware of it. This is a way to advertise you event for free. The more people talk about your event the more ways others on the internet can search for it and find it (better advertising). If you don't want your event talked about feel free to edit your event and uncheck the "Allow public comment" checkbox. All the talk will disappear and no new talk can be added. If you decide you want it back edit your event again and re-check the checkbox and all the talk will reappear with the ability for new talk to be added.

    Q. OK, I've read your FAQ, you didn't answer my question. How do I get help with your Event system?
    A. Use the contact us link near the top left of the page. You must be logged in to send us a message

  • This search allows you to look for ads that google has cached within the last few months. reserves the right to remove any ad at any time.