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Announcement Bradford Gun Show
Asking Price: $5.00  
rewsport in
{Bradford, PA}
*pic* 04:32 pm, 15 August, 2018
For Sale U.S. Military Table Ware
Asking Price: $20.00  
PWC-0050864 in
{Uniontown, PA}
*pic* *will ship* 08:08 am, 15 August, 2018
For Sale Microtech halo v clone
Asking Price: $129.00  
PWC-0085956 in
{Johnstown, PA}
*pic* 11:54 am, 14 August, 2018
Asking Price: $700.00  
PWC-0148027 in
{Hornell, NY}
*pic* 06:51 am, 14 August, 2018
For Sale 3 case xx knives new never used
Asking Price: $150.00  
troynmiss in
{Warren, PA}
*pic* 11:15 pm, 13 August, 2018
For Sale Vintage knife, custom knives
Asking Price: $1.00  
PWC-0099210 in
{Ashville, PA}
*pic* 00:05 am, 13 August, 2018
For Sale Straight Blade Knive
Asking Price: $20.00  
PWC-0052051 in
{Johnstown, PA}
08:20 pm, 12 August, 2018
For Sale emerson MiniCQC7 BTS or Trade
Asking Price: $150.00  
PWC-0102861 in
{Brookville, PA}
*pic* *will ship* 12:05 pm, 12 August, 2018
For Sale Bayonets
Asking Price: $1.00  
lakemont alumni in
{Altoona, PA}
*pic* 10:31 am, 12 August, 2018
For Sale New quality hunting knives, Mora of Sweden PWC-0017499 in
{Cranberry, PA}
*pic* *will ship* 06:57 pm, 11 August, 2018
For Sale Hatchet Knife combo
Asking Price: $50.00  
Ivy Lane Farms in
{Morrisdale, PA}
*pic* 04:52 pm, 11 August, 2018
Want to Buy WTB: M9 Bayonet w/key hole
Asking Price: $0.50  
PWC-0157420 in
{Uniontown, PA}
*pic* 12:59 pm, 11 August, 2018
Asking Price: $12.00  
{Everett, PA}
*pic* *will ship* 04:14 pm, 10 August, 2018
For Sale Marine Dress Saber Mini Reproduction
Asking Price: $15.00  
PWC-0216161 in
{Huntingdon, PA}
*pic* 10:27 am, 10 August, 2018
For Sale Samuri Sword with Dragon Head handle
Asking Price: $60.00  
PWC-0215552 in
{Woodland, PA}
*pic* 04:59 pm, 9 August, 2018
For Sale Benchmade Phaeton Auto Open Knife in Original Box
Asking Price: $220.00  
PWC-0215213 in
{Lock Haven, PA}
*pic* 03:16 pm, 8 August, 2018
For Sale knife collection
Asking Price: $10,000.00  
PWC-0004479 in
{Fisher, PA}
10:51 pm, 7 August, 2018
For Sale Old timer n uncle Henry knives
Asking Price: $35.00  
PWC-0012805 in
{Brockway, PA}
*pic* 09:23 pm, 7 August, 2018
For Sale (2) NRA Logo Folding Lockback Pocket Knives
Asking Price: $5.00  
PWC-0002715 in
{Greensburg, PA}
*pic* *will ship* 11:05 am, 6 August, 2018
For Sale custom knives & knife steel
Asking Price: $150.00  
snowyhemi in
{Saint Marys, PA}
*pic* 10:27 am, 6 August, 2018
For Sale Brand New KABAR knife
Asking Price: $65.00  
PWC-0216422 in
{Kane, PA}
*pic* 02:02 pm, 4 August, 2018
Want to Buy Wanted to buy knives PWC-0005681 in
{Youngsville, PA}
00:51 am, 4 August, 2018
For Sale GERMAN paratrooper knife
Asking Price: $850.00  
PWC-0016269 in
{Brookville, PA}
GERMAN paratrooper knife 12:36 pm, 1 August, 2018
For Sale NAZI Daggers (4) PWC-0016269 in
{Brookville, PA}
*pic* 12:34 pm, 1 August, 2018
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