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For Sale hay PWC-0061800 in
{Dayton, PA}
01:39 pm, 18 December, 2018
For Sale Bareback Pad
Asking Price: $25.00  
PWC-0157142 in
{Morrisdale, PA}
*pic* 12:32 pm, 18 December, 2018
For Sale English Event Saddle
Asking Price: $250.00  
PWC-0157142 in
{Morrisdale, PA}
*pic* 12:32 pm, 18 December, 2018
For Sale First cutting orchard hay
Asking Price: $6.00  
PWC-0004741 in
{Bedford, PA}
*will ship* 09:51 am, 18 December, 2018
For Sale Hay
Asking Price: $45.00  
PWC-0145263 in
{Williamsburg, PA}
08:14 am, 18 December, 2018
For Sale Saddle Racks
Asking Price: $15.00  
jakight in
{Smethport, PA}
*pic* 06:15 am, 18 December, 2018
For Sale 275 Gallon Food Grade IBC Totes Water Tanks Liquid Storage Cubes Buffalo Co
Asking Price: $65.00  
PWC-0010496 in
{Hooversville, PA}
*pic* 09:44 pm, 17 December, 2018
For Sale New Miniature Horse Harness
Asking Price: $175.00  
PWC-0007787 in
{Mackeyville, PA}
*pic* 09:37 pm, 17 December, 2018
For Sale Hay for Sale
Asking Price: $30.00  
PWC-0067325 in
{New Bethlehem, PA}
03:52 pm, 17 December, 2018
For Sale Beautiful 2nd and 3rd Cut Alfalfa Grass Hay for Sale
Asking Price: $45.00  
PWC-0047333 in
{Mc Connellsburg, PA}
*pic* 07:39 am, 17 December, 2018
For Sale Horse Hay, Ear Corn, Shelled Corn, Mulch Hay, Straw, Oats
Asking Price: $3.50  
PWC-0205608 in
{Windber, PA}
11:28 pm, 16 December, 2018
For Sale Saddle Rugs
Asking Price: $99.00  
PWC-0065358 in
{Kersey, PA}
*will ship* 06:23 pm, 16 December, 2018
For Sale 1st cut Hay
Asking Price: $3.00  
PWC-0141578 in
{Punxsutawney, PA}
01:58 pm, 16 December, 2018
For Sale fence posts PWC-0154205 in
{Ripley, NY}
*pic* 10:32 pm, 15 December, 2018
For Sale old feed bin
Asking Price: $375.00  
PWC-0053478 in
{Warren, PA}
*pic* 04:29 pm, 15 December, 2018
Announcement Merry Christmas Sale PWC-0143148 in
{Mahaffey, PA}
06:36 am, 15 December, 2018
For Sale Horse Hay. & other hay and straw PWC-0144640 in
{Patton, PA}
06:35 am, 15 December, 2018
For Sale big horn saddle
Asking Price: $250.00  
PWC-0013180 in
{Kane, PA}
*pic* 09:40 am, 14 December, 2018
Asking Price: $4.00  
PWC-0100264 in
{Westover, PA}
*pic* 09:16 am, 14 December, 2018
Asking Price: $2.50  
PWC-0100264 in
{Westover, PA}
09:16 am, 14 December, 2018
For Sale Corn Fodder
Asking Price: $28.00  
PWC-0047846 in
{Everett, PA}
06:46 am, 14 December, 2018
For Sale Hay PWC-0201165 in
{Schellsburg, PA}
05:54 am, 14 December, 2018
For Sale locust posts PWC-0154205 in
{Ripley, NY}
*pic* *will ship* 07:54 pm, 13 December, 2018
For Sale Baleage PWC-0060729 in
{Russell, PA}
*pic* 06:31 am, 13 December, 2018
For Sale Australia saddle
Asking Price: $150.00  
PWC-0055661 in
{Hollsopple, PA}
*pic* 06:26 am, 13 December, 2018
For Sale Tex Tan Saddle
Asking Price: $1,500.00  
PWC-0171770 in
{Greensburg, PA}
*pic* 00:03 am, 13 December, 2018
For Sale English Saddles For Sale
Asking Price: $200.00  
PWC-0161317 in
{Kersey, PA}
*pic* 05:37 pm, 12 December, 2018
For Sale Rope-Trail Saddle 16 Inch Seat
Asking Price: $400.00  
PWC-0118390 in
{Shippensburg, PA}
*pic* 08:05 pm, 11 December, 2018
For Sale Shelled corn PWC-0000622 in
{Loretto, PA}
07:02 pm, 11 December, 2018
For Sale Wrapped 4x5 Round Bales
Asking Price: $50.00  
PWC-0004212 in
{Reynoldsville, PA}
12:41 pm, 11 December, 2018
For Sale Horse Hay
Asking Price: $40.00  
PWC-0004212 in
{Reynoldsville, PA}
12:39 pm, 11 December, 2018
For Sale 14 western saddle
Asking Price: $550.00  
PWC-0000594 in
{Loganton, PA}
*pic* 11:16 am, 11 December, 2018
For Sale Beautiful Open Wagon
Asking Price: $2,200.00  
PWC-0218423 in
{Centre Hall, PA}
*pic* 05:05 pm, 10 December, 2018
Want to Buy Ear Corn PWC-0005663 in
{Kersey, PA}
01:27 pm, 10 December, 2018
For Sale Hay feeders, tanks
Asking Price: $25.00  
PWC-0143587 in
{Somerset, PA}
*pic* 01:16 pm, 10 December, 2018
For Sale Western Horse and Pony Saddles and Horse Driving Harness and Jog Carts
Asking Price: $1.00  
PWC-0003871 in
{Indiana, PA}
*pic* 11:02 am, 10 December, 2018
For Sale English Saddle
Asking Price: $75.00  
PWC-0194147 in
{Smethport, PA}
*pic* 08:16 am, 10 December, 2018
For Sale Hay Large Square Bales
Asking Price: $50.00  
PWC-0134826 in
{Williamsburg, PA}
*pic* 00:01 am, 10 December, 2018
For Sale 16 inch trail saddle
Asking Price: $150.00  
PWC-0002295 in
{Blanchard, PA}
*pic* 02:15 pm, 9 December, 2018
For Sale round bales/small square
Asking Price: $45.00  
PWC-0208774 in
{James Creek, PA}
*pic* 07:04 am, 8 December, 2018
Asking Price: $100.00  
auction lady in
{Sugar Grove, PA}
*pic* 07:02 am, 8 December, 2018
For Sale UPDATED 12/18 English & Western tack--NEW and used items! PWC-0181060 in
{Punxsutawney, PA}
*pic* *will ship* 07:15 pm, 7 December, 2018
For Sale Hay for sale
Asking Price: $20.00  
PWC-0155060 in
{Wells Tannery, PA}
01:57 pm, 6 December, 2018
For Sale Circle Y Saddle
Asking Price: $800.00  
PWC-0028653 in
{Cuba, NY}
*pic* 11:36 am, 6 December, 2018
For Sale 5x4 round bales
Asking Price: $35.00  
PWC-0123996 in
{Huntingdon, PA}
09:41 am, 6 December, 2018
For Sale 4x5 round bales
Asking Price: $25.00  
PWC-0123996 in
{Huntingdon, PA}
09:40 am, 6 December, 2018
For Sale Dressage Saddle
Asking Price: $60.00  
PWC-0123832 in
{Eldred, PA}
*pic* 06:38 pm, 5 December, 2018
For Sale Shelled corn
Asking Price: $10.00  
PWC-0024888 in
{DuBois, PA}
08:40 am, 5 December, 2018
For Sale Circle Y Equitation Saddle
Asking Price: $900.00  
PWC-0007930 in
{Punxsutawney, PA}
*pic* 05:11 pm, 4 December, 2018
For Sale Simco 13" western pleasure saddle
Asking Price: $650.00  
RockingR in
{Petersburg, PA}
*pic* 11:51 am, 4 December, 2018
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