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  1. Category sponsorship is one of the most effective and fastest growing advertising options.
    Telephone support is available for this advertising option.

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  2. One of the most popular advertising solutions are our banner ads. These are displayed across the front of Classifieds They are available at 10,000 views / $10. Monthly packages are available on request, starting at $300. Banner ad creation is available as part of a monthly package. Banners are 600 pixels by 100 pixels and can be in any of the common internet image formats (jpeg, png, gif, animated gif). Included are the ability to link a website, and basic click through metrics.

    To purchase banner views at 10,000 / $10, visit our self serve banner site.

  3. Text links are available at $400 / month. While banner ads are rotated so that most people see most of the banners, text links are located on the front page of the site, and are seen and available to every visitor, every time.

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