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Last updated September 17, 2011

Two of the most common complaints regarding the Classifieds are actullay two sides of the same coin. Sellers listing ads see ads removed, and are upset by it. Others complain that they are browsing through the various categories, and see many off-topic ads. Both are typically discussing the same ads.

In general the system works well, but if you've arrived here, it is likely that it is not working as well as it could for you. If you are bothered by ads that are out of category, the solution is relatively simple. There is a 'Report Ad' button in the bottom on the lower right of each ad. Clicking that button flags the ad for possible review and possible removal. If a sufficient number of people agree that it is inappropriate, it will be removed prior to human review. The exact number of flags necessary for automatic removal is dependant on a number of factors, and we reserve the right to alter the algorithm without notice. You must be logged in to report an ad.

If you find that your ads are being removed, and you want to do something about it, here are some ideas.

The most important thing to remember is that if your ad is being removed, it is not being well received. The more positively your ad is received, the more likely you are to make a sell.

The single most common cause for removal is that the ad doesn't fit in the category in which it is posted. If it uses gunpowder and has a smooth bore, odds are it is a good fit for the 'Shotgun' category. If it barks, odds are it is a good match for the 'Dogs' category. Paintball equipment often gets deleted out of 'Rifles', they're more appropriate to the 'Paintball' category. A car being sold for parts is probably going to get deleted from 'Cars classic - 1989', but is fine in 'Project and Parts Vehicles'.

A number of people will post, as an example, a four wheeler, motorcycle, or living room suite in 'Trucks classic - 1999' or 'Rifles' or 'Livestock' announcing that they are looking to trade whatever it is for a truck / rifle / horse. These ads inevitably are removed, and typically removed very quickly. A better approach is to list an ad describing the sort of truck / rifle / horse you are interested in, and then mention that you have whatever in trade.

If it seems like too much work to tailor your ad to the category that you are posting in, don't despair. Don't email me about it, but don't despair.

Beyond this, a good subject line will help you get your ad noticed. Things like 'LOOK AT THIS!' often get flagged for removal, but 'Yamaha 225 DX' will really draw in only that portion of the crowd looking for a 1980's era 3-wheeler with a centrifugal clutch. Others won't bother with your ad, and won't come anywhere close to clicking on the report button. After all, if they don't look at the ad, they can't see the 'Report Ad' button. Even more importantly, our ads are routinely indexed by Yahoo, Google, and Bing. Your subject line is one of the things that will appear on the search engine's result pages.

We've put a lot of effort into getting the big search enginers to index us properly. Take advantage of it with a good subject line. Another thing that appears on Google pages is the first 200 or so characters of your ad. You might want to make those first few words as descriptive as possible, the better to draw in viewers.




This search allows you to look for ads that google has cached within the last few months. reserves the right to remove any ad at any time.