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Classified Guidelines

Please follow these simple guidelines when posting.
Failure to do so will result in the ad being removed, possibly removal of all and closure of your account.
Please only post one ad per item or service.

Tires listed in both 'Tires and Wheels' as well as 'Trucks', even if it is a set of truck tires, are likely to be removed. If multiple ads are removed in a short time period, you may not be able to post another for a few days.

  • Post adult oriented or personals content.
  • Spam the classified ads. Post your ad only in the appropriate category, don't post it in numerous categories.
  • Post personal or inflammatory messages. The ads are for the posting of services and/or merchandise only.
  • Use derogatory language. Please post your ads with a respectful, courteous tone.
  • Have fun and enjoy yourself.
  • Make a little extra cash by selling something you no longer need.
  • Find something you've been looking for.
  • Contact us with questions.
Category Specifics

### Seasonal ###

Halloween Sell stuff related to Halloween.

Local Arts and Crafts Hand made art and craft products from your local community artists.

Student Housing This is intended as a place for people offering or seeking temporary housing while doing some sort of school work.

Local Produce Fresh veggies, eggs, and other garden goodies go here.

Winter Sports Sking, Snowboarding, Sleding, SnowShoeing.

### Animals ###

Exotic Pets Pets and gear that are not dogs, cats, or covered by a more specific category. Alligators, rodents and stick insects are all fine.

Rabbits Rabbits and bunnies for sale and trade!

Cage Birds Any bird normally considered a pet bird kept inside the house, more or less in a cage.

Aquariums and Terrariums Fish, fish aquariums, terrariums, fish food.

Dogs Dogs, pups, and related gear.

Cats Cats, kittens, and related gear.

Livestock Cattle, goats, NOT horses, NOT dogs.

Horses Horses, ponies, donkies, zebras and other equines.

Tack and Feed Horse tack and animal feed. Pinkie mice are okay, oats by the bushel or by the ton, horse feed, dog feed, all good stuff for this category.

Animal Training and Boarding Whether offering or seeking services for training dogs or horses, places for boarding horses, kenneling dogs, this is your forum.

### The Car Lot ###

Cars 2010 - present Functional, road ready and more or less like a sedan or coupe made from 2010 to the present.

Cars 2000 - 2009 Functional, road ready and more or less like a sedan or coupe made between 2000 and 2009.

Cars classic - 1999 Functional, road ready and more or less like a sedan or coupe made prior to 2000.

Trucks 2000 - present Trucks in functional, road ready condition, they typically have some sort of a bed, and don't count as an SUV. Big things, four or more wheels, might have a bed, flat bed, dump bed, etc. Might say Ford F150 on the side, might say Peterbuilt . Dealer listings are permitted.

Trucks classic - 1999 Trucks up to model year 1999 in functional, road ready condition, they typically have some sort of a bed, and don't count as an SUV. Big things, four or more wheels, might have a bed, flat bed, dump bed, etc. Might say Ford F150 on the side, might say Peterbuilt .

Vans, SUVs, Other Autos Automobile type things that are not cars and not trucks, should be road ready. Probably the best home for Jeep Wranglers, Chrysler Pacificas, and Pontiac Aztecs. Dealer listings are permitted.

Race and Derby Cars Cars intended for use in races or derbies. They need not be licensed for road use, but they need to be in a legal saleable condition, and they should either run, or be easily made to run.

Trailers Trailers and trailer like things. We have a different category for campers. If you fax us a driver's license proving that your name is Chevy Chase or Clark Griswold, you may also post dogs in this category.

Aircraft This category is for aircraft, ultralights, and associate parts and accessories.

### The Parts Store ###

Project and Parts Vehicles Cars, trucks, etc that are not road worthy, but are being sold as restoration projects, fix-er-uppers, or for parts.

Wheels and Tires Wheels off of cars, trucks, vans etc. Tires from cars and trucks.

Engine and Transmission Engines, engine parts, transmissions, transmission parts from cars, trucks, vans, etc.

Other Automotive Parts and Accessories Parts for cars, vans, pickups. Not engines, not transmissions, not wheels, not tires.

Car Audio Stereo systems for cars and trucks.

Automotive Services Inspection centers, garages, mechanics, painting / finishing / powder coating, notaries, and other services related to automotives.

Automotive Tools Tools for working on cars, trucks, and other vehicles.

Parts and Accessories for Recreational Vehicles Parts and accessories for anything in the Recreational Vehicles super category.

Parts and Accessories for Motorcycles Parts and Accessories for motorcycles, off road and street.

Project Recreational Vehicles The ad in this category should describe a recreational vehicle that is mostly complete, but is missing a small number of parts, or is not currently operational but could be made operational by a dedicated hobbyist.

### Recreational Vehicles ###

Campers and Motorhomes Campers and motorhomes. Either it gets pulled behind a truck (or a Buick perhaps) or it comes with its own engine and transmission (like Ben Tennison's grandpa's motorhome). Extra points if you recognized the name Ben Tennison. Dealer listings are permitted.

Street Legal Motorcycles Motorcycles that are legal for highway usage. If it is street and trail, and can be inspected as is, post it here. Dealer listings are permitted.

Offroad Motorcycles Motorcyles that are intended for playing in the dirt. If it is street and trail, but doesn't have lights etc, it goes here. Dealer listings are permitted.

ATVs and UTVs All Terrain Vehicles and Ultra Terrain Vehicles. Three wheelers, four wheelers, six (or more!) wheeled amphibias machines, snowmobiles, etc.

Boats Things that float. Yes, I've floated three wheelers on rivers, but they don't count as boats. Jet skis go below, not here.

Boat Motors and Gear Motors and engines for on boats, paddles, oars, life vests, other boating accessories can go here.

Snowmobiles and Jet Skis Jet skis for the summer, snowmobiles for the winter, what could be more fun!

Riding Gear and Clothing Helmets, riding clothes, motorcross protective gear, Harley jackets and other riding gear.

### Electronics ###

Televisions and Home Theaters Televisions and television equipment. DVD players, VHS players, surround sound home theater equipment can find a new home here.

Home Audio Home stereo equipment can go here.

Computers PCs, Macs and their accessories.

Cameras Cameras typically take film, in the form of SD cards, 35mm, DV tapes, or something like that.

Cell Phones Sell your cell phone in this category.

Game Systems and Game Consoles Nintendoes, X-boxes, Playstations, Atari 2600s, games, accessories.

Electronics Odds and Ends Electronics that doesn't have a better home can be put here. Don't be surprised if the ad dissappears if it is cross posted to other categories.

### Household Goods ###

Furniture Furniture for any room in the house, and the patio / deck.

Home Decor Decorator type stuff. If it is something your wife would shell out good beer, ammo, or rifle money for and hang on a wall or sit on a counter, it probably goes here.

Lawn and Garden Supplies Lawn mowers, tillers, snowblowers.

Appliances Refrigerators, microwaves, stoves, etc.

Prom Dresses and Formal Wear This is for clothing of a formal nature, prom dresses, tuxedoes, suits. You can advertise articles of clothing, as well as services.

Clothing Clothing, used and new.

### Sporting Goods ###

Hunting, Fishing and Trapping Fishing rods, tree stands, victor leg holds.

Exercise Equipment Elipse machines, exercise bikes, thigh-masters, free weights, stuff intended to make you stronger, sexier, and a better human being, if it weren't sitting in the closet waiting for you to sell it on the Classifieds.

Bicycles Traditionally a bicycle has a frame, two wheels, maybe a couple of gears, and is powered by the single rider pushing on some pedals. Unicycles are a little different, tricycles are a bit different, and these days there are some crazy pedal powered machines out there. As long as it is pedal powered and doesn't fly or go over or under water, you can put it here.

Recreational Equipment Sporting goods that don't have a separate category.

### The Gun Safe ###

Gun Gear and NFA Gear for your guns. Firearm parts are acceptable as well. Ammunition, clay target launchers, reloading gear, gun safes, rifle socks, range bags, they can all go here. If you have a weapon that the ATF wants to see NFA paperwork for, it can be posted here as well.

Rifles Long arms with a rifled barrel. ARs and AKs go here, even if you do hunt with them. If you're not sure if it is a rifle, you probably shouldn't post it here.

Shotguns Long arms with a smooth bore. If you're not sure if it is a shotgun, you probably shouldn't post it here.

Handguns Autoloaders and revolvers, single shot pistols too. If the weapon was built at the factory with less than 16 of rifled barrel and no stock, it probably goes here.

Black Powder Weapons Rifled, smooth bore, pistol, long arm, as long as it is intended for black powder and black powder only, it goes here. The fact that your 44mag can be loaded with black powder as well as smokeless doesn't make it a black powder weapon.

Ammunition and Reloading Bullets, boolits, loaded cartridges, by the round or by the case. Also permitted is gear to create ammunition and ammunition parts.

Gunsmithing and Weapon Services Services related to chemical propellant firearms, air power weapons, airsoft toys, nerf dart guns, knives, swords, bows, crossbows, arrows etc.

Archery Bows, crossbows, arrows, bolts, and whatever else from the archery range that you might lock up in your gun (bow?) safe.

Knives Swords and Blades Bladed weapons, shurikens, pocket knives, hunting knives, folders, lockbacks, swords, generally if it has a blade and your kid's teacher would have a panic attack if she saw even the toy version of it, you can post it here. For reference for those without children, modern day teachers hyperventilate in the precense of a plastic toy version of a 3 inch folding Case knife.

Pellet and BB guns Pneumatically powered weapons can be posted here. Whether it is a .177 Daisy, a 22 caliber RWS, or a custom made 45 caliber capable of pulling down a buffalo, you can post it here.

### Heavy Equipment and Construction ###

Heating and Supplies Furnaces, air conditioners, duct work, related hardware and equipment.

Construction Supplies Any sort of supplies that you might use on site while building homes, roads, barns, etc. Generally supplies are something that is consumed by the construction process.

Construction Equipment Any sort of non-consumable equipment that you might use on site while building homes, roads, barns, etc.

Construction and woodworking tools Construction tools such as nailers, hammers, saws, and wood working tools such as routers, planers, chop saws (which is also a construction tool).

Construction Services Offer your skills or your business to construct decks, sidewalks, barns, hotels, skyscrapers, and sewer ditches.

Farm Equipment Your Lawnboy riding lawn mower doesn't qualify as a farm tractor. (Riding lawn mowers go in Lawn and Garden please.)

Triaxles and Tractor Trailers Heavy trucks with at least 6 wheels and commercial registration are permitted here. Additionally you may post parts, services, etc that are directly related.

Hotel and Restaurant Equipment Commercial equipment for the hotel and restaraunt. Need a mixer capable of whipping up 10 dozen eggs at a time? Buffalo choppers? Ovens to bake 40 turkets a day? (That was actually a lot of fun.), Walk in freezers and refrigerators, floor buffers, over sized sinks, stainless steel counters, fryers capable of producing 15 pounds of fries in 8 minutes or less? Find it here.

Machine Shop Tools Lathes, milling machines, and other machine shop tools.

Fire Fighting and Emergency Response Equipment Equipment specific for outfitting fire departments, ambulance services, and emergency response teams.

### Services ###

Now Hiring Job openings, seeking paid assistance. Post here if you are hiring someone. Post in 'Seeking Employment' if you are looking for work. NO multi-level marketing such as Amway, M.O.M., etc. Such things can go in Sevices Offered if you must post them.

Babysitting and Child Care This category is for those offering child care services, as well as those seeking it.

Services Offered If you provide a service post it here. If you are recruiting persons who will be paid by someone else (Amway, Avon, M.O.M., Lia Sophia, etc) then you are providing them the service of getting started in their own business and it can be posted here.

Seeking Employment Use this category if you are looking for work and describing your skills to a potential employer.

Avon, Tupperware, and other home parties Avon sales, avon parties, avon recruiting.

Announcements Charitable fund raisers, public service announcements, lost and found. Anything remotely hostile is cause for removal.

Carpooling This category is for finding rides to and from place to place. A regular routine, a one off trip, pay someone else to drive or take turns, the only thing I ask to keep it on topic is that it involve finding a ride or a passenger.

### Real Estate ###

Houses Houses for sale or rent.

Apartments Apartments for sale / rent.

Land Land for sale or rent, without a structure intended for human habitation.

Commercial Properties Commercial real estate.

Roomates NO personals!

### Kids Stuff ###

Babies and Toddlers This has been a perennial request, and now that I don't have a lot of technical restrictions on the number of categories, here it is. For the thinking impaired, you may NOT offer your babies and toddlers for sale, nor request to purchase one. This category is for gear (changing tables, diapers, whatever) directly related to small children.

Toys Toys. Stuff kids play with. Paintball guns, toy cars, baby rattles. Your $3000 RC airplane with 16 gyros and servos and stuff that you'd never dream of handing to a child is still just a toy.

Remote Controlled Toys RC cars, RC airplanes, RC helicopters, servos, gyros, some are cheap for the kiddies, some are strictly toys for Big Boys!

Paintball Paintball guns and gear.

### Other Stuff ###

Collectibles Antiques, sports and gaming cards, use your imagination.

Musical Instruments Electric guitars, wood winds, percussion, keyboards.

Jewelry Jewelry. Stuff that you wear, typically having precious or semi-precious metals and stones as the major component.

Event Tickets Tickets to concerts, sporting events, amusement paprks, etc.

Books Books, ebooks, novels, essays, readable stuff.

Movies and Music CDs, vinyl records, VHS and DVDs. Must be originals unless it is public domain or you hold the copyright.

Miscellaneous Anything that doesn't fit into a listed category. If it fits elsewhere, and you post it here, expect it to be removed.

Medical Equipment and Supplies Wheelchairs, hospital beds, first aid kits are examples. Boy Scouts and kidneys are not legal to sell here.

Scrap Metal, Scrap Cars, Junk This is the category for buying and selling junked items, junk cars, scrap metal, etc. Use it or lose it, abuse it an lose it.

Antiques Antique collectibles. If you're not sure if it is an antique, or junk, it probably is not an antique.

Weddings Wedding related services, supplies, etc.

Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs List your swimming pool, hot tub, or related service here.

### Local Attractions ###

Store My Ride This category is for advertising winter storage.

Yard Sales Garage sales, yard sales, any sort of once a summer type sell from your home. You may also use this for charitable events for your church, community group, etc.

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  • Use of this service is a privilege, not a right. We reserve the right to withdraw privileges to anyone at anytime for any reason or no reason at all.
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